About Flyball

Flyball is perfect for any dog who loves a tennis ball and has far too much energy!

Flyball was started around the late 1960’s in USA, since then it has become very popular in the European countries. Over the years the dog sport has had a bit of fine tuning and morphed into what we know of Flyball today.

What is the difference between Agility and Flyball?

This question comes up quite a lot when we talk about Flyball. Everyone seems to know about Agility but not Flyball. Agility is in a much more controlled environment where the dogs have to undergo an obstacle course with their handler running next to them, giving necessary commands. Where as flyball is much more fast paced and working in a team, we feel, makes it much more social for the handlers too.
Flyball is a competitive team based dog sport with sanctioned tournaments throughout the year around the UK. Similar to a relay race, the dogs are required to jump over four hurdles in a line, collect a tennis ball from a box, then return over the hurdles with the ball. Teams are comprised of four dogs and their handlers. These teams then face off against one another in several rounds to see which team can complete the fastest.

It is a very loud, high energy sport which dogs (and their owners!) thrive in. And this is exactly why we continue to train dogs and their handlers for Flyball. We just find it so much more fun!

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Collie over a jump